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Densi100 Automatic True Density Analyzer


Gas replacement (also known as gas gravity bottle) is one of the most reliable methods for measuring apparent volume and density. This method uses a gas to measure the volume of a sample. The gas used is ammonia, which does not cause damage to the sample. The gas displacement method is more accurate and reproducible than the traditional Acimede immersion method. In 2014, the International ISO Standards Organization officially introduced the gas volume replacement method for testing true density.

Densi-100 is a fully automatic gas displacement true density tester, which can quickly and accurately measure the volume and automatically calculate the density of various powders, blocks and other materials.


Self-developed Kernel Module

Setting sample chamber, expansion chamber, pressure sensor, control valve in one, ensuring homogeneity of test system temperature. Accuracy of true density test can be up to ± 0.03%, repeatability is less than ± 0.02%;

Pressure Sensor

Densi 100A with 2 bar (F.S.) makes test has a good result in the true density measurements.Non Linearity of pressure sensor is better than ± 0.2% which benefits recording pressure.

Standard Substances

Standard substance is made by non-expanded alloy and calibrated by National Institute Metrology, China. Volume precision is up to 10-4 cc.

Density Measurement

Densi 100A Automatic True Density Analyzer can accurately measure true density of powder over 1-1.3 bar pressure ranges. Do not use vacuum pumps during testing to avoid pumping samples to pollute analyzer.

Unique Design

Controlling and operating by ARM &Windows CE without configuring computer for Densi 100A.The instrument is equipped with intelligent self-test program, which can automatically judge sealing of the test system and eliminate personal error.

Sample test chamber Sample cell Conversion chamber
10mL 10mL 1mL/3.5mL
100mL 100mL 10mL/35mL

Operating Software

Densi 100A provides automatic tests for user. It takes about 3 minutes to complete a test. Users can free to set up repeat times, test data is automatically saved and displayed in txt files, results can be exported through USB port. Densi 100A is configured with PC-side standard test report generate and print software.

Typical analysis examples

Typical analysis examples
Typical analysis examples


Type Densi 100A
Principle Gas displacement method
Application True density, true volume, opening porosity of solid and foam materials.
Analytical bit 1
Range of test 0.0001 g/mL to infinity
Resolution 0.0001 g/mL
Accuracy ±0.03%
Repeatability ±0.02%
Efficiency 3 min per measurements
Adsorbed gas N2, He
Test pattern Positive pressure test in ambient temperature.
Sample form Powder, particle, granule
Machine specification Depth: 380 mm; width: 280 mm; height: 280 mm; weight: 10 kg
Ambient temperature 15-40 oC
Related Humidity 30%-60%
Electrical supply AC220 V ± 20 V, 50/60 HZ, maximum power 100W;
Application fields Graphite anode materials, carbon materials, ceramics, alumina, catalysts, filter media, nuclear fuel, petrochemicals, soils, fertilizers, carbon black, coke, fiber, minerals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cement, powder foods, desiccants, powder metal , ion exchange resins, silica gel, titanium dioxide, solid foams, etc.