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Densi100 Automatic True Density Analyzer


Gas replacement (also known as gas gravity bottle) is one of the most reliable methods for measuring apparent volume and density. This method uses a gas to measure the volume of a sample. The gas used is ammonia, which does not cause damage to the sample. The gas displacement method is more accurate and reproducible than the traditional Acimede immersion method. In 2014, the International ISO Standards Organization officially introduced the gas volume replacement method for testing true density.

Densi-100 is a fully automatic gas displacement true density tester, which can quickly and accurately measure the volume and automatically calculate the density of various powders, blocks and other materials.

Hardware and Operation

Basic performance parameters


Resolution: 0.0001g/ml


Repetition accuracy:±0.02%


Power: 110~220V, 50/60Hz


True density

True volume

Open porosity

Closed porosity


Model: densi-100

Test principle: gas displacement method

Test functions: true density / absolute density, true volume, solid material and foam material porosity determination

1cm3-1cm3 sample pool can be configured flexibly

Test range: 0.0001 g / ml - no known upper limit

Resolution: 0.0001g/ml

Test accuracy: ± 0.02%

Repeatability: ± 0.02%

Test efficiency: it takes about 3 minutes to complete a test, and the number of repeated tests can be set automatically

Test gas: helium or nitrogen

Test mode: normal temperature and positive pressure test without using vacuum pump

Sample types: solid samples of powder, granule, bulk, foam and so on.

Host specification: length 380mm * width 280mm * height 280mm, weight 10kg