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Build My System

Build my system



  1. Overall System Specifications
    • Temperature:
    • Pressure:
  2. Gas Feeds
    •   Flow Range (Sccm) Typical Flow (Sccm)1 Gas Type
      Gas 1
      Gas 2
      Gas 3
      Gas 4
      Gas 5
      Gas 6
      Gas 6
    • Automated positive shut off valves required after each gas flow controller
  3. Liquid Feeds
    • Feed tank:
      Volume Liters
    • Tank / feed line heating
      Temp C
    • Blanketing with inert gas
    •   Flow Range (mL/min) Typical Flow (mL/min) Liquid to be Used
      Liquid 1
      Liquid 2
    • Pump Preference2:
      Liquid 1:
      Liquid 2:
  4. Reactor Module
    • Reactor Type:
      Desired Flow Path:
      Other h
    • Gas Preheater:
    • Liquid Vaporizer:
    • Maximum Catalyst Volume:
    • Typical catalyst volume:
    • Number of Furnace Zones:
    • Bed Temperature Readings:
  5. Pressure Control
    • Pressure Reading:
      Pressure Gauge
      Computer display
  6. Product Handling
    • Liquid condenser
    • Heat tracing downstream of reactor:
    • Gas Liquid Separator:
  7. Analysis and Material Balance
    • Streams to Be Analyzed
    • Feed:
    • Product:
    • Method of Analysis
    • Product:
    • Instrument preference, please specify:
    • Mass Balance Components:
  8. Optional Safety Features
    • Inert flush on power loss or shut down
    • Space Available (L x W x H)
    • Describe any special size constraints or consideration
  9. Desired Delivery Date
    • Preferred Vendors for Major Components
    • Nature of Request
    • Date planned for order placement
    • Please list any other special features, which are required
    • Other issues to be addressed:

1 This information is required for sizing the mass flow controllers. Please note that mass flow controllers will typically only deliver accurately in the 5 - 95% range of the full scale and that their reproducibility and accuracy is limited to 1% of full scale.
2 Syringe pumps can precisely deliver very low flows over a wide range with high accuracy, but are significantly more expensive than piston pumps.