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About Us

What We Do

Altamira offers a variety of custom designed and fully automated chemisorption analyzers and reactor systems.  From instruments that conduct temperature-programmed characterization (TPR/TPO/TPD) to micro-reactors designed for a specific chemical process, Altamira can provide the instrument solution to your laboratory needs.

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Chemisorption and Reactor Systems

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Our Specialty


Performing dynamic temperature-programmed catalyst characterization experiments unattended.


 Custom microreactor systems designed for complex laboratory applications. 


Reaction Testing and Chemisorption all in one instrument.

High Throughput

Multiple sample testing through parallel experimentation.


Gas-Phase or liquid-phase reaction studies contained in a fully automated compact package.

Harsh Environment

Reaction units and characterization equipment that can handle reactants and/or products that are corrosive, reactive, or unstable.
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