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BET specific surface area test method for pharmaceutical excipients

​The specific surface area plays an important role in the purification, processing, mixing, tableting, and packaging capabilities of pharmaceuticals in tablet form.  It also has an influence on the expiry date, dissolution rate, and efficacy.

Do's and Don'ts of Physisorption Measurements



Proper equipment maintenance and sample preparation is paramount to optimal analytical results.  Following these recommendations will assure you are getting maximum life out of your equipment and producing the best analytical results possible. 

Applications & Testing of Celero the Multi-Channel Fixed Bed Reactor for High Throughput Catalyst Screening

The AMI-200 Catalyst Characterization Instrument doubles as a reactor for study of fuel cells catalysts Catalyst Screening in the Celero, by George Marcelin, Ph.D.

Combinatorial chemistry, a method by which chemical reactants are quickly screened for a desired product or a particular kind of activity, has been extensively used in the area of drug discovery for a number of years. The technique has been successfully extended into the areas of fine chemicals and homogeneous catalysis.   However, only limited examples exist using combinatorial techniques for the discovery of solid materials

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