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AMI-meso Series: Meso and Macro-pores

Hardware and Operation

The AMI-meso can come with one, two, or four sorption analysis stations.  Each station has an independent dosing manifold and a 1000 mmHg transducer.  Each of the stations also includes an in-situ degassing module to allow for treatment of the sample to 400°C. This in-situ degassing prevents any contamination during possible sample transfer. If multiple stations are selected, each station acts independently from one another. The AMI-meso is the most versatile BET analyzer on the market.  

Thus, this BET analyzer/instrument can start experiments on different samples at the same time.  Through software control, the AMI-meso can automatically:

Dose adsorbate
Raise and lower the dewar
Determine if equilibrium conditions are satisfied
Plot the real-time physisorption isotherm
Determine adsorption/desorption kinetics


The AMI-meso, BET analyzer, can display and interpret data in various methods, including:

Single or Multi-point BET surface area
Adsorption and Desorption isotherms
Langmuir surface area
External Surface Area (statistical thickness method)
BJH Pore Size Analysis
Average pore size, total pore volume


The AMI-meso, BET analyzer, can serve the following industries:
• Catalyst Research
Oil and Gas
Building Materials
Pigments, Paints, and Thickeners
AMI-meso Series Specifications

Specific Tests and Capabilities

  • Physisorption 
  • Gas adsorption
  • Gas sorption
  • Nitrogen sorption
  • Surface characterization
  • Pore analysis
  • Pore size
  • Pore size distribution
  • BET surface area