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AMI-surface DX

AMI-surface DX

The AMI-surface DX represents a new affordable and fully automated high-throughput BET analyzer.  Perform single and multi-point dynamic BET experiments in a fraction of the time of static methods.  The AMI-surface DX is ideal for quality control. It can also be used in a wide range of industries from pharmaceuticals to oil and gas.   The AMI-surface DX can run four samples and combines the benefits of flow BET with full automation.


The AMI-surface DX is a fully automated dynamic BET instrument.  The AMI-surface DX utilizes two mass flow controllers (MFCs) to automatically adjust the partial pressures of nitrogen.  The 70mL/min and 30mL/min MFCs allow for precise blending which in turn results in highly accurate test results.  The AMI-surface DX uses the adsorption peak for analysis and in doing so eliminates the error caused by slow or incomplete desorption of nitrogen from samples.  

Through software control, the AMI-surface DX can automatically:

Adjust the partial pressure of nitrogen
Raise and lower the dewar
Zero the TCD
Determine equilibrium conditions
Save data to file for offline analysis
Calibrate adsorption data


Specifications of AMI-surface DX
Method Dynamic BET
Test Single or Multiple Point BET
Number of Stations 4
Repeatability <= 1.0% on reference sample
Accuracy  <= 2.0% (surface area dependent)
Dimensions 25'' x 20'' x 27'' (L x W x H)
Power 110 volts
Degassing External 



Catalyst Research
Battery Manufacturing
Oil and Gas
Building Materials
Paints and Plastics

Specific Tests and Capabilities

  • BET: Physisorption
  • Gas adsorption
  • Gas sorption
  • BET surface
  • Brunauer–Emmett–Teller
  • Specific surface
  • Surface characterization
  • Surface area