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Master 320


The ALTAMIRA MASTER 320 is a benchtop gas analysis system capable of sampling gases at or below atmospheric pressures. The standard version is designed for manually controlled as well as automatic analysis of non-corrosive non-flammable gases. There is also a corrosive version of the MASTER 320C, which may be suitable for some corrosive or flammable gas applications.


The MASTER 320 is comprised of an inlet system, residual gas analyzer, diaphragm vacuum pump, and turbo pump. The inlet system utilizes a heated quartz or stainless steel capillary up to 350ºC. This hea ng helps to prevent sample gas vapors from condensing during analysis.
The MASTER 320 is capable of sampling in mass ranges of 1-100 amu, 1-200 amu, and 1-300 amu. 


Compact, all in one gas analysis system helps reduce overall footprint

Intuitive, easy to use display

Very low detection limit (<1ppm)

eated capillary inlet (up to 350ºC) to prevent

condensation during analysis

Mass ranges from 1-100 amu, 1-200 amu, and 1-300 amu

Diverse application base with pressure ranges from vacuum to atmosphere

Easy bakeout options to remove residual contaminants and reduce background noise



Mass ranges (AMU)


1-100 / 1-200 / 1-300

Gas connecTIon


Stainless steel capillary / quartz capillary

Capillary diameter (mm)


Stainless steel: 1.59 OD, 0.125 ID



Quartz: 0.22 OD, 0.15 ID

Gas inlet


Stainless steel, FPM

Gas flow rate (sccm)



Sample gas pressure (mbar)



Capillary operating temperature


200oC (standard)

350oC (maximum)









<50 dB in full operation




Scan speed


MID: 2ms/amu – 60s/amu



Bar graph stair scan: 2ms/amu – 60 s/amu



Analog scan: 20ms/amu – 60 s/amu



Bar graph scan: 20 ms/amu – 60 s/amu



35 kg

L x W x H


545 x 305 x 395 mm



100, 120, 230 VAC



4 Analog outputs: 4x 0-10 V / 12 Bit



4 Digital inputs: 4x external protection



7 Digital outputs: 7x Sink, optical isolated 24V

Pump status


Digital Output channel 1, 1 relay, switching contact, NC, NO, COM



15-pin Dsub (User I/O) and 25 pin Dsub (Aux I/O)