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BenchCAT X000R HP Hybrid

Hybrid Instrument for Reaction and Chemisorption: Chemi-CAT

Performs both reaction testing and chemisorption experiments
• Multiple workstations (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 workstations)
• Fully automated workstations
• Independent experiments on each workstation
• Designed for unattended operation


Reaction Testing Catalyst characterization
Temperature Programmed Reactions TPR, TPO, TPD, TPRx, Pulse Chemisorption
Isothermal reaction studies Dynamic BET
Pressures from ambient up to 50 bar Furnace temperatures up to 1200°C
Furnace temperatures up to 1200°C Ambient pressure operation
Analysis via auxiliary MS or GC Subambient testing to –100°C
Quartz, 316 SS, or custom reactor tube Analysis via integral TCD or auxiliary MS (or GC)
Sample holder sizes to 25 mL Quartz sample holder (to 1 gram)
  Monolith holder available (1”Ø x 2” long)