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Position:  Software Engineer

Location: Pittsburgh, Pa

Founded in 1984, Altamira Instruments is a manufacturer of scientific instrumentation located in Pittsburgh, Pa (O’Hara Township, RIDC Park).  Altamira is currently seeking a Software Engineer.  This is a hands-on position, and the successful candidate will write programs, primarily in LabVIEW, to automate the Altamira line of custom and standard instruments. This person will work with design engineers and project engineers to create control software, beginning with a system P&ID, and concluding with an attractive, reliable, and user-friendly control software for a given instrument system.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Assume responsibility for providing automated control systems for all Altamira products
  • Provide attractive, user-friendly, and reliable control programs
  • Interface with colleagues and customers (customer support) to provide software that meets both the needs and expectations of our customers
  • Stay current with best practices in instrument programming and industrial automation
  • Provide recommendations for improvements to features and functions of Altamira products
  • Perform functionality testing and troubleshooting on equipment
  • Keep detailed records of software versions and changes
  • Have familiarity of tuning and auto-tuning procedures
  • Maintain Altamira’s IT and server system


The successful candidate will:


  • Have demonstrated excellence in programming of scientific instruments using LabVIEW or other complimentary programming languages designed for data automation and control
  • Demonstrate excellence in creating user-friendly, intuitive, and reliable programs for the control of the scientific instruments manufactured by Altamira
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with on a collaborative basis with engineers, project managers and other team members
  • Demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot software problems and correct them in real time
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide Altamira control systems in a timely and cost-conscious basis.
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Be detail-oriented and highly organized


Benefit package includes: Health Insurance (major medical, dental, vision), Life, AD&D, Disability Insurance, 401k

Salary commensurate with experience.  EOE.

Please send resumes to: