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AMI-sync Series



The AMI-sync represents a new affordable and fully automated high-throughput BET analyzer. It can be equipped with one, two, or four stations and the number of pressure transducers can be configured per individual requirements. This maximum flexibility in design provides the perfect combination between price and performance.

Hardware and Operation

The AMI-sync can come in one, two, or four stations. Each station is equipped with a p0 measuring transducer, but there is a single dewar for all stations. Thus, the AMI-sync offers the perfect solution for customers with limited laboratory space that also have BET sample testing bottlenecks. The AMI-sync can be configured with sample testing speed in mind, by having a pressure transducer per station. Alternatively, the AMI-sync can be configured with price in mind by having one pressure sensor on up to all four stations.

Through software control, the AMI-sync can measure/perform various functions, including the following :

  • BET surface area (single or multiple point)
  • Adsorption and Desorption isotherms
  • Langmuir surface area
  • External surface Area (STSA)
  • BJH analysis
  • Average pore size, total pore volume
  • t-plot
  • DR, DA, MP Methods
  • SF pore size analysis
  • HK pore size analysis



Specifications Table


  • Each measurement station has its own p0 transducer and can have its own analysis transducer
  • Displays real-time isotherm data (pressure -vs- time)
  • Equipped with a two step filter system to protect against sample contamination
  • Equipped with a three-step evacuation routine for safe sample handling
  • Change activities without restarting