The First Name in Custom Reactor Systems



µBenchCAT Bench-top Microreactor 

Altamira introduces the µBenchCAT as the fully automated, bench-top micro-reactor!

The µBenchCAT features:

  • Up to 6 gas feeds
  • Up to 2 liquid feeds
  • Operating Temperatures for the reactor up to 1200°C
  • Operating Pressures up to 100 barg (higher available in custom units)
  • Heated convection oven for liquid and gas preheating and liquid vaporization
  • Pressure control with refined pulse width modulated control
  • Gas/Liquid Separation with level sensing
  • Product Sampling valve for routing effluent to external devices
  • Redundant safety features, including: hardware, firmware, and software alarm matricies.
  • Full automation using LabVIEW.




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