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Altamira Product Lines

Altamira offers a variety of custom designed and fully automated reactor systems.  From instruments that conduct temperature-programmed characterization (TPR/TPO/TPD) to Microreactors designed for a specific chemical process, Altamira can provide the instrument solution to your laboratory needs.


   AMI Family: Catalyst Characterization

The AMI family of instruments combines a variety of temperature-programmed techniques, including: temperature-programmed desorption (TPD), temperature-programmed oxidation (TPO), temperature-programmed reduction (TPR), and temperature-programmed reaction (TPRx).  The AMI family of instruments can also perform pulsed chemisorption in a dynamic flow system and dynamic BET.  The AMI family includes high-pressure instruments with the AMI-300HP; sulfur resistant models with the AMI-300S, kinetic determining instrumentation with the AMI-300 SSITKA, and the new AMI-300ir for direct determination of adsorption/desorption surface process.

Single or multi-station instruments are available.  See the AMI Family Map for more details.

   BenchCAT™ : Customized Reactor Systems

The BenchCAT™ family of instruments are custom-designed microreactors, which are fully automated and designed for unattended operation.  All BenchCATs are designed around: number of gas inlets, number of liquid pumps, flow rates, pressure and temperature maximums, reactor material, preference of control software, future upgrade possibilities, etc….  BenchCAT microreactors can be designed to conduct iso-thermal or temperature-programmed experiments and analyze the effluent with a mass spectrometer, gas chromatograph, FTIR, or your choice of detector.  Single or multi-station instruments are available.  Microreactors built specifically for Biofuel applications are also part of this line of instruments.   

   BenchCAT™  Hybrid: Characterization and Reactor Systems

The Hybrid series of instruments combines the flexibility of the BenchCAT ™ and the characterization capabilities of the AMI family.  The user may conduct characterization experiments or reaction studies all in one instrument. 

   BenchCAT™  HTS: High Throughput Reactor Systems

The BenchCAT-HTS ™ is a multi-channel fixed bed reactor system used for high throughput screen of heterogeneous catalysts.  The scientist may choose 8, 16, or 24 reactors with multiple options for gas and liquid feeds.

   µBenchCAT™: Bench-top Reactor Systems

The µBenchCAT represents a complete, bench-top reactor for catalytic studies.  All components are either in the gas or liquid phase and are contained in a fully automated compact package.  A variety of options makes the µBenchCAT suitable for a wide range of studies.  The system is perfect for kinetic and activity studies.   

   Harsh Environment Systems

Characterization or reactor systems that are specificly designed to handle reactants and/or products that are corrosive, reactive, or unstable.  

 Altamira strives to meet our customer’s need by customizing our instruments.  If your present application does not fall under the instrument above, please contact us and we will discuss your needs and find a solution.

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