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The titles for Altamira Notes can be found below. Please call us at 412-963-6385
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1. Chemisorption and Catalysis on Supported Metals
2. Surface Area Measurement from Temperature-programmed Desorption data
3. Temperature-programmed Desorption of Adsorbed Species from Catalyst Surfaces
4. Volumetric Chemisorption Methods for Metal Crystallite Size Determination
5. Pulse Chemisorption
6. Metal Crystallite Size Determination: Comparison of Chemical and Physical Methods
7. Introduction to the Descriptive Equations for Chemical Reactors
8. Steady-State Isotopic Transient Kinetic Analysis (SSITKA)
9. Application of Steady-State Isotopic Transient Kinetic Analysis (SSITKA)
10. Laboratory and Commercial-Scale Catalytic Reactors
11. Introduction to Slurry Reactors
12. Effect of Some Experimental Parameters on TPR Profiles
13. Measuring Acidity in Zeolites Using TPD
14. Characterization of Microporous Materials
15. Temperature-Programmed Desorption for Catalyst Characterization
16. Temperature-Programmed Reduction/Oxidation for Catalyst Characterization
17. Development of a Quality Control Procedure for Characterizing Supported Nickel Catalysts
18. Development of a New Detection Method for TPO Analysis of Coke Deposits
19. Conditions and Parameters for TPD Experiments: Supported Metal Catalysts
20. Comparison of Static and Dynamic Chemisorption Measurements
21. Zeton Teams with Altamira Instruments
22. Correlating Catalyst Characterization Measurements with Productivity (Pharmaceutical)
23. Measuring Surface Areas in Catalysts
24. Evaluation of FCC Catalysts Using a Microactivity Test (MAT) Reactor
25. High Throughput Catalyst Screening in the Celero™
26. Calibration of AMI Instruments

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